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Fierce – Impression of Sauvage dior

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Discover our Sauvage-inspired fragrance at EssenceEnclave.pk. Crafted to be 97% identical to the original, indulge in the exhilarating fusion. Experience luxury for less today! Exclusively available in Pakistan.

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Discover our Sauvage dior inspired fragrance at EssenceEnclave.pk! Dive into the refreshing fusion of Calabrian bergamot and Sichuan pepper. Crafted with 97% similarity to the original, savor the elegance of lavender and the richness of vetiver. Don’t miss out on our exclusive offer! Shop now and save big. Available in Pakistan.

Top Notes:

  1. Calabrian Bergamot: Bergamot is a citrusy note that provides a bright and uplifting opening to the fragrance.
  2. Sichuan Pepper: Sichuan pepper adds a spicy and slightly numbing quality, contributing to the energetic and invigorating top notes.
  3. Ambroxan: Ambroxan is a synthetic compound that imparts a woody, amber-like aroma, giving Sauvage its distinctive and long-lasting sillage.

Heart Notes:

  1. Lavender: Lavender adds a herbal and aromatic touch to the heart of the fragrance, lending a sense of freshness and sophistication.
  2. Geranium: Geranium provides a floral aspect to Sauvage, balancing the spicy and citrusy top notes with a hint of sweetness.

Base Notes:

  1. Vetiver: Vetiver is a woody note that adds depth and earthiness to the base of the fragrance, creating a solid foundation for the composition.
  2. Patchouli: Patchouli contributes a dark and slightly earthy aroma to Sauvage, enhancing its complexity and longevity.
  3. Cedar: Cedarwood adds a warm and woody accord to the base notes, providing a subtle masculine elegance to the overall scent.

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Exploring the Enigma of Savauge Perfume

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    I ordered it and it was original

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